Sara Quinonez

Community Events

Money Manifesting Madness
9-25-16 7:00 pm - The Lullaby Lounge
Intuitive Healing Institute

Money Manifesting Madness-A Fun & Easy Way to Create More Money! Have you been working with the Law of Attraction but are having blocks manifesting...

Q&A with the Guides!
9-25-16 7:00 pm - The Lullaby Lounge
OC Channeling

Tal and Deira (Steph and Cynthia) will channel Shen and Terrek, and you guys are welcome to ask your questions or bring discussion topics for the guides. If you think you'll be coming, please RSVP if you can. We're accepting donations to help...

Energy Healing/Reiki Introduction and share
9-25-16 7:00 pm - The Lullaby Lounge
Reiki, Spirituality etc. by N Long Beach

Come and give and get some Energy Healing/Reiki. We will all take turns working on each other. This is an introduction to Energy, Aura, Chakra Healing aka Reiki Aka Healing Hands, or Therapeutic Touch as Western medicine has renamed it. Wear...

Hello world!

June 1st, 2012 by Sara Quinonez

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